Mobility, safety, comfort!

Seed have made all possible efforts to combine safety and ease of use in a modern, functional design. With the Seed Pli they have fulfilled the ambition in a product with a strong appeal to today’s parents.
With the Seed Pli they have accomplished a mission impossible. By developing a combined pram and pushchair in a design language of today without neglecting the heritage of the traditional pram, Seed has brought a newborn classic design icon to the market.
The Seed Pli is among the most safe prams and pushchairs in the world. Seed Pli meets or exceeds the harshest safety standards in the world including European EN 1888 and the Germans TÜV.


Eco friendly digital universe

Vester Kopi produces everything in digital printing – from small standard tasks to large and sophisticated solutions. Vester Kopi also delivers tailored solutions in the areas of facility management, confidential copying & printing, as well as a range of software services.

Vester Kopi have developed new business models – based on digital technology – which successfully complements their well-established service concept. As part of this strategy, we have established two software companies: Intellidoc and Northmann. In addition, Vester Kopi is an environmentally responsible partner and has been certified to use the Nordic Ecolabel ‘The Swan’.


Hotel with traditions

Avenue Hotel was built in 1898, designed by the architect Emil Blichfeldt, who is known as the father of the famous main entrance to the Tivoli Gardens etc. Svanegaarden was an ultra modern building with electricity, a lift, central heating and bathrooms in all flats – this was far from commonplace at that time. There has been a hotel in the building since 1939, Hotel Petit – a residential hotel – was owned by Lilian Lorentzen The hotel changed name to Frederiksberg Hotel in 1947 and continued to operate under several owners until 1972. In 1972 Svend Aage Geschwendtner and Fredy Svendsen bought the building from the Bikuben Savings Bank, who had owned it from 1905, and renamed it Avenue Hotel.


World Class Danish Design

Rosendahl is a family-owned Danish company. Rosendahl reflects Danish design traditions and at the same time continue to renew the image of Danish design. Their products come into existence in a close creative partnership with leading Danish and international designers.
Located in Hørsholm, our head office was designed by the architect Kim Utzon. The bright, clean lines of this setting reflect our concept that clean lines and plenty of space create the most fertile soil for creativity and good ideas.


Ceramic Designer

Betty Engholm is ceramic designer/artist, she is educated at the Royal Academy sculptor school in Copenhagen in 1961.
Betty Engholm has decorated buildings and offices in over a dozen cities around Denmark and several places in Sweden. She works with ceramic decorations and sculptures in courtyards, gardens and public places.